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The study abroad curriculum is divided into three 2-week sections, the course is as follows: WEEK 1 - 2: PRE-DEPARTURE (IN HOME COUNTRY) AIFS Study Abroad Programs. Enriching experiences attending three high school study abroad programs and information about how to go about obtaining scholarships. Participating in foreign exchange programs to England and study abroad opportunities may enhance these aspects of your education and offer even more opportunities. In this full-immersion program, you'll enroll for a single trimester, a single semester,  Oct 13, 2017 PARENTS! Check out these awesome study abroad opportunities for high school students, and help your kid have the experience of a lifetime. Choose from summer programs, high school exchanges, or a gap year. org Students who study abroad in high school are more likely to study abroad again in college, and are also more likely to pursue a language- or global education-based career later in life. The Abroad101 Program Finder allows you to view study abroad programs by location, provider, and type, giving you the ability to hone in on the study abroad program perfect for you. Apply to Study Manager, Educate institutions about High School study abroad opportunities. For more information on our programs, select a country from this list: Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Croatia Cuba Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic Ecuador England Fiji - South Pacific Finland France Germany Greece Honduras Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Ireland Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan… Study abroad in Israel. What Is High School Study Abroad? High school study abroad programs are any program where high school students live in a foreign country and attend school there, usually for a prolonged period of time. High School Students. In choosing the best high school study abroad programs, we took into account two main factors: the review scores of each program, and the number of reviews that program had received. com offers a comprehensive directory of study abroad programs, including summer study abroad, internship, service learning and volunteer abroad programs, high school study abroad, intensive language programs and more, all organized by subject or country or city. It offers a unique opportunity to learn foreign languages and cultures, experience cultural and language immersion, homestay and residential life, discover new worldviews, challenge commonly held stereotypes and learn about the immense diversity of the High School Study Abroad Program. Serve a Community. Summer study abroad programs for high school students can be a life-changing educational experience, especially on the pre-college journey. NSW DE international study abroad program. www. Maximo Nivel was founded in 2003 and has hosted over 25,000 participants for its volunteer abroad, internship abroad, study abroad, Spanish Immersion, Teach English as a Foreign Language , Semester Abroad, and High School Abroad programs. Through CCIS, Broward College sponsors study abroad programs in Spain, Germany, and Peru, and is able to offer students opportunities to study abroad in Go Abroad. A high school study abroad program is a major decision, so get in touch with us so we can guide you every step of the way. Study abroad in one of many available countries, or learn more about student exchange by volunteer in our Global Ambassador Program for American High School students. Study abroad during high school allows you to earn credits while abroad. YFU helps the student to achieve their global dreams. Students must be aged 14 to 16 to participate in the school integration program. Norwich Technical High School Study Abroad Picking a Norwich Technical High School study abroad program has never been easier! Browse for Europe study abroad programs, Asia Norwic Study Abroad United Kingdom can organise for groups of students to study in an English school. Study abroad programs for high Sol Abroad is a premier summer study abroad program for high school students specializing in Spanish language and immersion. ” Notre Dame Pre-College offers study abroad and on-campus summer programs for high school students to earn 1 college credit. Areas of focus include Creative Writing, Vocal or Instrumental Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Screenwriting and Photography. No previous language experience is required. We have a range of short-term high school immersion programs to give you a taste of life abroad and a big dose of a foreign language. CIEE High School Programs is a program provider offering 3 abroad programs. Travel Across South Africa with Westcoast Connection . Many aspects of your courses are flexible, so you can design your studies to suit you, including your accommodation options. GLA crafts each program to be immersive and multidimensional by combining three key components: Community Service, Hands-on Learning and Adventure. Study abroad programs, such as those at the schools listed below, involve substantial academic work – a year or a semester, or an intensive experience equal to a course – and considerable Hone language abilities. Achieve your goals in Hong Kon g: N etwork with top students from all over the world, wi t ness the latest marketing trends, develop a research project with a local professor, teach English at a rural Chinese high school, explore the beautiful islands or all of the above. Programs. High School Summer Study and Travel programs offer rising high school College while traveling to cultural and historic destinations domestic and abroad. S. International students can study in Year 7 to Year 12 for part of the Junior High School and/or senior high school program. Make the world your classroom. 51 Best High School Volunteer Abroad Programs and Opportunities for 2018-2019. com With the crisis in Syria stretching into its sixth year, Jusoor will continue to implement the High School Study Abroad Program to support Syrian youth who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, and a strong sense of civic responsibility. High School Abroad Live with a host family or in a boarding school and study abroad for a term, a semester or an academic year: apply now to one of our unforgettable high school abroad. High School Program. Local Coordinator Application Form; High School Study Abroad Programs; Trainee and Internship Programs. Periods of study range from several weeks to as long as the student wishes. SPI’s interactive language immersion programs combine inspiring cultural leadership experiences, volunteer service projects, and exciting travel excursions where language and culture come to life! In this full-immersion program, you’ll enroll for a single trimester, a single semester, or a full academic year in a local high school in one of 11 destinations throughout the world. High School Exchange Program. Browse all high school study abroad programs in France; 5. A year away can’t be measured in days alone. These programs, developed exclusively for high school students and recent graduates, are based on CET’s innovative educational model for successful college study abroad programs. Emma Holmes, a recent graduate from NCSSM, who has chosen to delay her college attendance, will be traveling to Bosnia and Herzegovina as a participant in the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Abroad program. We also operate boarding schools abroad. High school abroad programs may provide life experience, enhanced perspective, language skills, and the opportunity for personal development. For many students, high school is a time of exploration, learning and growth. Our school integration programs are available throughout the academic year. Westcoast Connection travel abroad programs for high school students seamlessly weave together adventure travel with a chance to serve local communities, providing students with a well-rounded understanding of this complicated country. Since 1995 we have been dedicated to providing students with exceptional cultural and educational experiences abroad. Experience life as a teenager in Japan while you live with a Japanese host family and attend the local high school. ABOUT SPI HIGH SCHOOL STUDY ABROAD. The local staff in Ireland were well qualified and provided guidance and support throughout the program. State Department funded Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program (CBYX) is for motivated high school students who want to fully immerse themselves in German culture by living with a host family and attending a local high school. CCU is affiliated with Veritas Christian Study Abroad, which has programs in Europe as well as South and Central America. org Study abroad for an extraordinary term while earning high school credits on location in Europe or East Asia. Our short-term and semester-long study abroad programs are Study abroad in Israel. Study abroad programs for high Choose a program. A student who is interested in taking their high school studies abroad can find number of opportunities these days. Take on an engaging program abroad to start earning college credits and building the skills to push you towards your goals. High School Study Abroad. If you are looking for a different summer, please visit our Special High School Study Abroad Summer! Study Abroad Programs where you will find more than 30 destination countries with High School Study Abroad programs ranging from 2 to 8 weeks. Información general; Program Info; Available For over 26 years, Broadreach summer study abroad programs for high school students have expanded the horizons of over 18,000 students. When you study abroad during your high school years, there is less need to emphasize the  Aug 24, 2017 Could finding in favor of a high school student infected by a on a school trip to China have a chilling effect on other study abroad programs?. ECI Programs yield results expected from language Study Abroad. Read on to learn what a high school study abroad program is, what the benefits and drawbacks are, and whether or not you should participate in one. Global Leadership Adventures operates summer volunteer programs for high school students, exclusively in authentic, non-tourist communities. Study Abroad High School Program - Youth For Understanding USA. As a high school graduate, you are eligible for many AIFS study abroad programs, beginning with the summer of your senior year in high school and all throughout the next academic year! High school study abroad programs can be one of the many exciting and educational ways to allow your teenage student to see the world. 197 Study Abroad Program Coordinator jobs available on Indeed. Study abroad programs allow a student to live with a foreign family and participate in all that families’ daily activities including school, work, leisure time and recreation. Cheap Study Abroad prides themselves on empowering students to study in Asia for less than it would cost them to spend a semester at their school in the U. Summer, semester, and year programs available in over 50 countries! Want to learn a new language, immerse yourself to a new culture with the option of traveling to more than 20 countries around the world, then our high school  Studying abroad in high school is a chance to stand out on your college . Study Abroad students are able to study a wide selection of courses in English, giving students exposure to a variety of different cultures through classroom diversity and intercultural engagement. educator corner Educators will find information on our graduate-level contunuing education courses, classroom visits request, custom programs and our teacher benefits program. Please watch our video of our students talking about their UK high school experience An Indianapolis school that allowed students to study abroad in 11th grade will close for the coming school year, while leaders try to work through challenges that arose during its first year. Young Adult/Gap Year Programs (High school graduate to age 26): Attend college and/or participate in volunteer programs. Study Abroad with YFU 100+ programs in 70 countries. Exchange, summer, semester, and yearlong programs available. Students can choose to start their program in September or January. YFU USA awards 280 scholarships every year. Our 2-week long courses and over 30 programs offer exceptional learning experiences taught by highly-regarded educators. Previous language study is not required for most programs. Office of Pre-College Programs // University of Notre Dame Skip To Content Im from Newfoundland,Canadayes Im a "Newfie"har,har. It is probably one of the life-changing scholarships offered to high school students to study in abroad. The AFSA conducts an essay writing contest every year, and students making it, are invited for a trip to Washington DC and also taken for a formal meeting with the secretary of the State. Studying abroad is not only reserved for college student, High school students can also study abroad. And study abroad to high school circumstance, can divide it is two kinds: One kind is to go out to read a middle school, finish a middle school outside directly, another is read in home second year in high school, tall 3, some people are to attend the university entrance exam even, go out to study abroad again next. StudyAbroad. FSU International Programs offers study abroad opportunities in locations across the world. high school student or recent graduate and want to experience another part of the world. Summer Study Abroad Programs for High School and College Students. Our programs are offered in Europe, Central America and  Foreign Language Study Abroad Service (FLSAS) arranges language intensive programs in Japan for students of all ages, including high school students. My son enjoyed a fantastic and wonderful experience in the Summer 2017 Dublin Ireland high school study abroad program. For detailed or additional information about the High School Study Abroad Program, please contact us at 1 888-696-8808 or you may fill out our info-request form. With alluring destinations that allow young people to immerse themselves in new cultures, a semester abroad can introduce them to the traditions and history of a foreign country. Programs conducted during the academic year for Kindergarten through 12th grade students, including language learning programs, exchanges, and foreign study. If you’ve already made up your mind, read on for advice on programs that offer study abroad opportunities for high schoolers. High School study abroad programs are designed for educators who want to take their students beyond the classroom. High school is the best time, the most advantageous time, to study abroad. An API offers study, intern, and volunteer abroad programs across the globe. Teens have never had as many options for a summer abroad experience. In addition to integrating Students learn a new language, discover another culture, and truly become global citizens. Where do you want to study abroad? A listing of our programs abroad for Summer 2019. Open to young adults who are ready to make a difference in today’s world. About 35 percent of all children receive their education in the Roman Catholic high school school system. Our study abroad programs take students on a life-changing journey to develop intercultural skills, explore other cultures through homestays and historical sites, learn critical world languages, and make friends with high school students from around the world. Alexander Muss High School in Israel offers 6-week, 8-week and full 18-week semester programs throughout each year. High school students can earn college credit that they can use toward their future college career. No need to wait until college to study abroad! American & Canadian high school students are discovering fun, safe and affordable destinations with Quest Exchange! Continued Support During and After a High School Abroad Program. Awe-inspiring. High school, for many, is a period of concentrated self-development, a time where the realization begins to take place that there is a great big world around us. Our mission is to provide students with a transformative experience aimed at fostering independence, cross-cultural sensitivity, and global citizenship. Search Programs; Design Your Own Semester; View Internships; Scholarships & Grants; Global Navigator High School Study Abroad. There are a lot of summer abroad programs for high school students. yfuusa. Living in another country while attending high school is something most people never have the opportunity to do. All GVI study abroad programs have a 6 week duration, but students will only be in country conducting field work on community or conservation projects for 2 weeks. Learn more about the program Summerfuel programs are personalized adventures for students seeking a summer experience like no other. With our High School Abroad program, we will enroll you in a high school of recognized quality, among the top-rated schools located in one of the best areas of Seville. High school study abroad programs can be one of the many exciting and educational ways to allow your teenage student to see the world. As a high school student or incoming freshman interested in studying abroad, the ASU Study Abroad Office is honored by your enthusiasm for study abroad! First and foremost, learn about the four different types of study abroad programs to determine which one is best suited for you. Below you’ll find our comprehensive directory of study abroad options for law students. Jobs listing for Work Abroad jobs . High School Abroad in Canada | Go Overseas. Check out the best high school programs abroad. State Department given to 65 high school students (or recent graduates) across the nation. During this academic program you will: Experience day to day life in Japan Study Abroad High School Program - Youth For Understanding USA. High School Summer Abroad; High School Semester Abroad; Gap Year Abroad; Work Abroad. Students must be aged 16 to 19 when they arrive in the United Kingdom. Just for teens. Once a student has started their study abroad program, Greenheart Travel program  Sep 27, 2018 Studying abroad isn’t just for college kids. Exchanges for students ages 15-19 are sponsored by Rotary clubs in more than 100 countries. Perhaps the most stress-free way to study abroad is to do so through your school. No need to wait until college to study abroad! American & Canadian high school students are discovering fun, safe and affordable destinations with Quest Exchange! The top high school study abroad, teen travel, language study and volunteer programs for the summer, semester or a gap year. Join us for the summer of your life! Connect with other students through our social media streams or find the right program for you. They're easy to pinpoint: Traveling to a new country, learning a new language, enhancing your resume, and finding professional opportunities. In Explore a different culture, and study abroad in more than 40 amazing destinations. Im looking for a student exchange program/"studying abroad" Obviously english is my first language,so Im not interested in any websites involving the studying of the english language. AFS offers study abroad and international volunteer opportunities for high school students. Click the icons below to learn more about each program location! Are you an American high school student ready for an international adventure? Check out our exchange opportunities! Study Abroad Programs; High School Study Abroad Program; Study Abroad Countries; School Choices; International Students. All of our pre-college, study abroad, Spanish language immersion, social entrepreneurship, college admissions prep, and visual media programs are designed to broaden academic and personal horizons. Jamestown sophomore Sequoia Clark is STUDY ABROAD FOR TEENS. Find expert perspective and various study abroad programs, learn what to expect when living abroad, and find scholarship resources to help fund graduate studies. Department of State offers merit-based scholarships for American high school students to study abroad from three weeks to an academic year. Our programs offer an affordable and rewarding experience for students, superior academic quality, and local support. We regularly run the following programs: Junior State of America (JSA) Diplomat Program in Beijing, China Canadian College Italy: Give your teenager the opportunity to study abroad in Italy at a leading international high school! Operating under the supervision of the Ontario Ministry of Education, Canadian College Italy (CCI) is a co-ed boarding school providing academic year abroad programs and semester programs for Canadian, American, and international students in Grades 10-12 from around the If you are a graduating high school senior who is looking for a meaningful, language-intensive international experience before entering college, or have received mid-year admissions to a college or university, you may want to consider enrolling in a Spanish Studies Abroad University-Level Semester Program during the gap period. Spend high school abroad in www. The University of Dallas Rome Program has been changing lives for over 45 years with a unique curriculum that combines intensive study of art, architecture, history, literature, theology and philosophy with travel that transports students to the very places where Western civilization first flourished and where Catholic intellectual and Immerse Education is an award-winning summer program held in historic colleges of Cambridge University. Programs offered include Gap Year and High School abroad programs in 23 countries such as Australia, Brazil, Chile, and China. Summer, semester, and year programs available in over 50 countries! YFU’s study abroad programs transform who you are and permanently change the way you see the world. The U. Elayne Flicker and other Seattle high school students visit Guatemala in a Global Visionaries study abroad program last year. 2 days ago · The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange is a program that sees 250 American high school students go to Germany for a year-long education and cultural program. One of the most rewarding ways to spend your summer as a law student is a study abroad program. School integration programs last for 1 or 2 weeks. Entrepreneur Lab; For Educators. Feb 20, 2019 Don't miss outon the opportunity to study abroad as a teenager. org Study Abroad High School Program - Youth For Understanding USA. Our high school summer programs are designed individually for each group of high school students based on the school’s needs and requests. Are you a high school student looking for the best volunteer abroad experiences?. Students between the ages of 15 to 18 can take part in an exchange program to learn German all the way in Germany. The essential resource guide for teens and high school students who wish to go overseas by Transitions Abroad. Participating in a college bridge year program—While the gap year concept has only recently gained momentum in the United States, some colleges, including Princeton University and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, offer fellowship programs for incoming students to defer their start date and experience new opportunities abroad. Foreign Language Study Abroad Service (FLSAS) arranges language intensive programs in Japan for students of all ages, including high school students. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. here. Explore a different culture, and study abroad in more than 40 amazing destinations. As a high school graduate, you are eligible for many AIFS study abroad programs , beginning with the summer of your senior year in high school and all  College & University Study Abroad Safety. In the summer. Programs open to high school and pre-college students. Join our semester student exchange programs in the UK. CET also partners with individual public and private high schools, school districts, community and mentoring organizations, and other pre-college programs to provide access to high-quality study abroad programs for high school students. Affordable Study Abroad Program - Education - Nairaland data page and your High school grades,with the aforementioned documents we can facilitate your Amdisson Norwich Technical High School Study Abroad Picking a Norwich Technical High School study abroad program has never been easier! Browse for Europe study abroad programs, Asia Norwic Jobs listing for Work Abroad jobs . Find a program . gooverseas. (Photo by Reagan Jackson) If you belong to a religion with strict dietary guidelines, sometimes it is easier to travel in a group where everyone else has those same guidelines. Universities and employers give active preference to candidates with competency in another language or culture, offering major economic and educational The Experiment in International Living is the most experienced provider of summer abroad programs for high school students. Through Your School. Why Study Abroad in High School? There is a vast array of potential benefits to participating in study abroad programs for high school students. Abroad. ISA High School has been a leading provider of high-quality, affordable, cultural and language immersion programs for high school students since 1989. Studying abroad opens up a new world of cultural, social and educational experiences for high school students. American High School Academy’s Study Abroad Programs give you the opportunity to experience the world as your classroom. Apply Now for our high school study abroad programs starting in Summer and Fall 2019. Going to high school in a foreign country will definitely set you apart from your peers. High School Study Abroad Summer programs for individual students and groups with a teacher. Read in-depth reviews of high school summer study abroad, teen travel programs, and high school exchanges in Canada. If you want an experiential program, find out how much time is spent outside of the classroom. Applicants while attend a year of US high school while living with a host family. Browse the countries, cultures and languages our abroad programs are offered in. The education institution that the student is studying at is likely to have student exchange programs that you can consider if you really want to explore this opportunity. Available Trainee and Internship Positions; Host a trainee or intern; US-Mexico Intern Program. “This is a scholarship through the U. Jul 26, 2018 Benefits of High School Study Abroad Programs. Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Abroad (YES Abroad) provides merit-based scholarships to study abroad for an academic year. For an overview of YFU program offerings, view the Study Abroad catalog. For all high school abroad programs on Go Overseas, we ask reviewers to rate six variables: (1) Growth, (2) Support, (3) Fun, (4) Housing, (5) Safety, and (6 Below, we’ve examined the three most common means of studying abroad in high school, and the pros and cons of each. As a high school student studying abroad, you will live like any other Spanish student, making friends and sharing your time with your host family. Individual host family immersion is the best and quickest way to improve your Spanish or French. You can read more about some real students’ experiences in study abroad programs in the Student Lawyer magazine article: “How I Spent My Summer Abroad. Our comprehensive programs make it easy to study abroad in the USA. Earn college credit. Many private schools have devoted study abroad departments whose purpose is simply to help students, well, study abroad. Studying abroad during high school is the perfect window of opportunity. CCIS, a non-profit organization led by dedicated international educators, is composed of college and universities across the United States which offer quality, affordable study abroad programs. At Maximo Nivel, We work with you to meet your academic goals, your school’s requirements, and your students’ family budget. Featured Summer Programs. Study Abroad Programs; F-1 Private High School Program USA; F-1 Public High School Program USA; American School Experience (Short-Term) High School Canada; High School New Zealand; School Highlights; University + College High School Summer Study and Travel programs offer rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors the opportunity to earn three college credits from Hillsdale College while traveling to cultural and historic destinations domestic and abroad. In this article, we have examined hundreds of high school programs and selected the top performers based on their history, online reviews, and programs opportunities. On 50+ summer adventures in 40+ countries, our students have pursued their interests, unlocking the world, understanding its people and discovering themselves along the way. Sol Abroad Announced as Winner of the Go Overseas Community Choice Awards (featured) We are proud to announce that Sol Abroad was selected as one of the Overall Top High School Abroad Providers of 2018 by Go Overseas! High School in Spain. Study abroad programs for high The High School (Study Abroad) Program is for students who want to come to Queensland for a short term high school experience. High school study abroad allows students to gain a sense of independence, develop critical thinking skills, practice tolerance and develop self-acceptance while living with a host family, meeting new friends, navigating an unfamiliar city and learning to speak another Call for Applications: US Study-Abroad Program for Moroccan High School Students. Students are enrolled in Years 10 to 12 and come generally from European and South American countries. Projects Abroad The University of Dallas has provided high school students with summer and study abroad opportunities modeled after its signature Rome program. Meet our students; Local Coordinators. A disadvantage again is the loss of selection. Study abroad in high school! Improve your college application and see the world. Also, check out each program's main activities. Study Abroad with UCEAP. Students come to CET from a diverse array of academic institutions across the US: from small liberal arts colleges to large public universities, from mentoring organizations to pre-college programs, from private boarding schools to urban public school districts. Once a student has started their study abroad program, Greenheart Travel program managers continue to support both the parents and the students during their time abroad. Host a student. Rather than picking things up from books and the internet, personally navigating a new landscape will open your eyes to culture, history, a new language or even your heritage. They offer programs in countries like Bali, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, and as their name suggests, they truly do operate on the cheap – a whole semester in Bali costs a mere LPI Study Abroad programs provide international students with the opportunity to study in the USA. College Study Abroad; Entrepreneur Lab by CIEE; Gap Year Abroad; High School Semester Abroad; High School Summer Abroad; Global Seminar; Teach Skip navigation Sign in. Choose between a full year, semester, or any other length of your convenience that will allow you to immerse yourself in another culture and learn a new language. A high school study abroad program in Italy is a huge step in the right direction, however long or short your course may be. For more than 87 years, our immersive programs have allowed participants to explore the world in an authentic and impactful way, while developing enduring friendships through cultural experiences and homestays. Summer, semester, and year programs available in over 50 countries! AFS offers study abroad and international volunteer opportunities for high school students. The scholarship will cover Studying abroad for graduate school is an exciting prospect for graduate students, but often is overlooked as a real option. Choose the one that’s right for you! In addition to 2018 and 2019 sessions, applications are now open for our 2020 sessions. Experience the world in a whole new way. Find safety information about the study abroad programs offered by Minnesota colleges and Universities. TEFL Certification; Teach Abroad; For Post-Graduates. Study abroad while crossing oceans The University of Kansas prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, status as a veteran, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, gender identity, gender expression, and genetic information in the university's programs and activities. South Sydney High School accepts international students who are involved in the NSW Department of Education and Training's Study Abroad Program. During your stay you will speak only French or Spanish. Orillo studied abroad in Germany while she was in high school. Anyone with an interest in Spanish language and culture is welcome! No language experience required. As a “regular” student, you’ll get to experience everyday life in a local high school, in a truly authentic way. You know the benefits of studying abroad. YFU study abroad programs are for you if you’re a U. Choose a program. With our High School Program Abroad you will live like any other Spanish student, making friends and sharing your time with your Spanish host family. College Study Abroad. Since 1996, SPI High School Study Abroad offers intensive French, Italian and Spanish language immersion, cultural leadership and volunteer service summer programs in Spain, France, Italy, and Costa Rica. Department of State’s Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange program for one year and was introduced to a number of other programs related to studying abroad and pursuing a career in the federal government. The Rotary Youth Exchange long-term travel program is our flagship study abroad program for young people ages 14 – 19. Ask the program staff and alumni what makes the program special. From one-week service-oriented programs to months-long cultural immersion experiences, there are literally thousands of different possibilities. AIFS offers a wide range of unique study abroad programs in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and the Americas, plus multi-country traveling programs throughout western Europe. Study abroad in Korea this summer through a program organized by Harvard faculty. Study Abroad Opportunities for High School Students Short-Term Programs and Gap Year Programs for High School Graduates . She participated in the U. It demonstrates you have the courage and independence needed to succeed in life. SYA is a high school study abroad program for juniors and seniors in Italy, Spain, France and China. There is nothing that can put into perspective the challenges and successes of your own high school experience like going abroad. Through community service, teens will Spoleto Study Abroad is an Arts and Humanities summer immersion program for high school students, ages 15-19 in Spoleto, Italy. . High school and college students everywhere are talking about their study abroad experiences, and every year more of them are heading overseas to pursue both academic and personal interests. Whether you want to do a full year’s Korean exchange, a short summer study abroad program or a university preparation course, we’ll have something to suit you. HIGH SCHOOL STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS. Further exploration of study abroad programs can be found in the following websites:. Make sure any program you're considering has a mission that matches your own. Life-changing. Transferable credit is arranged. You’ll only be gone for a school year or semester, but the experience will enrich the rest of your life. Ayusa Japan High School Abroad. Information for U. International High School Exchange Programs by Jennifer Viale The many options for high school exchange programs abroad are described while providing extensive resources. Community Service, Language, Cultural Exploration, Pre-College, Middle School and High School. Experience history, literature, world issues, and economics come alive, as you prepare for university while embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. Study abroad programs for high Study Abroad Programs. Two-week travel courses begin with time on campus The U. Learn more about accommodations, faculty, and the course of study. Search All You Need to Know About Joining a Student Exchange Program. Consider one of these fantastic programs for your middle school or high school student. com. ICES offers a variety of High School Exchange Programs for American Students. Need help choosing the perfect study abroad program? We are here to help! For more tips on deciding whether to study abroad, check out To Study or Not to Study — Abroad, That Is: High School Students’ Questions Answered. The top high school study abroad, teen travel, language study and volunteer programs for the summer, semester or a gap year. The experience begins the year before going to study abroad as you go through the application, selection and preparation process. Eye-opening. Study abroad at the top schools for English-speaking students in Europe. Results—ECI programs deliver. High School Study Abroad Program. The Council on International Educational Exchange The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) has been around for 65 years and is known for its great variety of programs, including study abroad for high school and college students, gap year programs, summer work programs, travel exchanges, teaching and volunteer opportunities. Founded in 1996, SPI Summer Programs International offers college credit high school study abroad programs in Spain, France, Italy, and Costa Rica. Study Abroad Programs for High School Students We have study abroad programs in Korea to fit any need. Students live with host families, engage with local schools, and gain skills to be competitive in the global workforce. Specialties include a Teen Semester Abroad program and summer programs with homestays. SPI Study Abroad programs are summer language immersion experiences for high school students. High School  Spend your summer studying abroad in Asia, Europe, or Latin America. Long-term exchanges last a full academic year, and students attend local schools and live with multiple host families High school students participate in spring and summer intensive artistic training in New York City and gain an enriching and enlightening experience under the guidance of our full-time faculty. The Maine staff were helpful and provided quick responses with any questions. Petersburg Collegiate High School, and Dual Enrollment students earn both high school and college credits by completing World Religions while while immersed within the Italian culture. AIC Willkommen in Deutschland! Studying abroad with Greenheart Travel’s high school program in Germany will give you a chance to live and study in a place where gemütlichkeit, or good-naturedness, is a way of life! The Experiment in International Living is the most experienced provider of summer abroad programs for high school students. Seamester offers educational study aboard and gap year semester at sea programs for college students and high school graduates. The Italy study abroad program is designed to have Early College, St. high school study abroad programs

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